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Advanced Managed Services with Technology Expertise

Advanced Activities Beyond Managed Services

Move beyond Break & Fix IT Lifecycles Experience Managed Services

Are You Reacting to IT Problems, or Are You Managing Them?

In the old ways of the Break/Fix IT support, you are constantly reacting to the next problem in front of you. A server goes down, a cyberattack occurs, or any number of another 1000 issues pop up on an ideal Tuesday. Then your IT support goes into full reaction mode.

Compare that to a Managed Service IT support model when you have all the latest technology, the latest version of the software updates, monitored security, and complete system backups.

With IMS SecureIT, our professional IT technicians monitor your system for irregularities and conduct full system backups while providing your organization with the latest computer and server hardware.

FileBound Server

What Do You Get with IMS SecureIT?

Most IT solutions and technology upgrades require a huge upfront capital expense, not the case with IMS SecureIT. With the affordable monthly pricing of IMS SecureIT, you get:

  • All New User Computers
  • All Laptops Come with Accidental Coverage
  • Office365 for All Users
  • Email Encryption
  • Remote User Access with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • New Servers, Based on Need
  • All Network Hardware
  • Sonicwall Firewall Protection for All Locations
  • Barracuda Backup, Includes Application & Off-Site Replication
  • Additional Peripherals, If Needed
  • Managed Service Support
  • Hardware Refreshes at Each Contract Renewal

Why the Break/Fix Model is Bad for Clients.

Misaligned Organizational Goals: Service providers only come around when there are problems, and the client is in a bind. That creates an oppositional dynamic where the provider wins when clients lose.


Unpredictable Costs: Break/Fix work is reactive and case-by-case, it’s difficult for clients to budget ahead of time. No one wants to be surprised with a $40,000 server replacement expense.


The Burden is on the Client to Know When Something is Broken: The break/fix model requires clients to be the triage technician, even if that’s not a position they’re qualified for or want to be.


Downtime: The reactive nature also means clients have to deal with active fallout from problems while alerting the provider and waiting for them to respond.


Short-sighted: When work is billed by the hour, break/fix clients become incentivized to choose quick, short-term “band-aide” fixes over long-lasting but more intensive solutions. Likewise, break/fix service providers become incentivized to provide temporary fixes again and again instead of solving issues for good.


Ultimately More Expensive: Remediation is always more expensive than prevention.

Benefits of the Managed Services Model

The managed services model is a proactive alternative to the break/fix approach.


Better Alignment: Managed services providers (MSPs) spend less active time cleaning up messes; instead, they aim to prevent problems in the first place — ultimately the same goal as the client!


Predictable Costs: Set monthly fees gives the clients budget clarity.


Better Stability: MSPs provide monitoring and proactive maintenance; they can quickly respond to issues and head off potential system failures before they become costly replacements.


Infrastructure Upgrade: Rather than simply applying “band-aids,” MSPs provide clients with more robust and secure IT environments by managing network performance, security, backup, email, helpdesk, and more.


More Affordable than In-House IT: With an MSP, clients get many of the same dedicated capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team.

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