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Are cybercriminals lurking inside your network?

Proactive network security to protect your business from cyber attacks.


Time to recognize the threat to avoid damage


A beacon call is sent throught the network & the system is compromised
(25% damage done)


Passwords are indentified & new accounts are created
(45% damage done)


Backdoors are created & backup corruption begins
(65% damage done)


Code has been injected into the network & a hidden registry has been implanted
(80% damage done)

Your business has many vulnerabilities: One unsecured device, or unsafe email is enough to create chaos within your IT networks

A cyber attack can cripple your day-to-day business operations. And more importantly, you run the risk of major losses due to network downtime, data recovery costs—not to mention ransom payments demanded by many cyber criminals.

Tread a safer path with threatPROTECT

With threatPROTECT, you get total network protection, from the perimeter to the endpoint. It is a package that contains threatINTELLIGENCE, our proprietary security device, bundled with threatEDR, which is an endpoint security solution.

Working together, threatINTELLIGENCE along with threatEDR provides your business with solid cybersecurity protection.

What’s more, threatPROTECT produces no false positives and requires no human intervention. False positives generated by traditional EDR platforms are cut by 50% or more, allowing for your company to run security with minimal staff.

Stay protected from network breaches and ransomware attacks by opting for threatPROTECT.

How safe is your network from phishing and ransomware attacks?

Every day, cyber attacks infiltrate business networks. Experts warn that the number of cyber attacks will increase significantly year-on-year.

Your existing security solutions will not prevent such attacks: Research shows that the average attacker has “lived” inside a network for 280 days before an attack!

Traditional security systems are designed to analyze bad traffic after it has entered your network.

To prevent a cyber attack, you need real-time threat detection and prevention that blocks the entry of bad traffic into your network.

threatINTELLIGENCE: A proactive approach to cybersecurity

It works on two levels: First, it blocks bad traffic; next, its active threat detection system instantly teaches what it has learned to the rest of the network, including the antivirus software and firewall.

This proactive solution breaks apart and starts reverse engineering the attack within 30 seconds, so malicious attackers can never infiltrate your system.

Stop malicious traffic now with threatINTELLIGENCE.

Tired of multiple vendors providing small pieces of software that can’t talk to each other?

It can take months to learn how to use multiple tools from multiple vendors—and integrating vendor solutions together adds to these difficulties. And while you implement your security solution, you leave the field open for cyber attackers to get in! You need protection now!

IMS SecureIT provides you with streamlined, comprehensive, and affordable solutions for complete cybersecurity in convenient packages.

Explore our available solutions for complete cybersecurity:


    Our proprietary device that actively blocks malicious traffic.

  • threatEDR:

    Our endpoint solution provides crucial protection in a multi-layer defense in depth strategy.

  • threatMONITOR:

    An employee productivity and security monitoring solution that can identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.

Our unique product bundles eliminate the need for separate malware solutions, both saving you money and bringing a complete cybersecurity solution.

IMS SecureIT allows flexible scaling options.

Our easy-to-budget charges include a simple monthly fee for each physical device. No extra or hidden charges for IoT devices, mobile devices, and network devices.

Contact IMS SecureIT today for a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure protection requirements.

Steve Fisher

Talk to Steve Fisher, our cybersecurity expert, to understand how threatINTELLIGENCE stops network breaches before they infiltrate your network and routes intelligent feedback into your existing infrastructure to make it resistant to cyber attacks.

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