IMS SecureIT Infrastructure

With the IMS SecureIT ‘s Complete Cloud platform, there will no longer be a need to purchase desktop computers, servers, wi-fi access points, or network switches. Instead of spending your capital expenditures on hardware that will constantly need to be refreshed, updated and purchased over and over again, why not turn your IT department into an operational expense through a subscriptionbased model, just like software?  

You may have heard us mention a thin client and wonder what a thin client is. Basically, a thin client is a small box attached to the back of a monitor that we provide to each of your users/employeesThe box goes directly to your internet connection, which goes directly to your private data center.  In the world of IMS SecureIT, there is no longer a need for a clunky VPN or FTP remote connection. With IMS SecureIT, every time you log in from your phone, your tablet, your home computer, your laptop, even your kid’s iPad, wherever it may be and from whatever device, you will be staring at your Windows 10 desktop operating system. This is called desktop virtualization. 

Whether or not you’re the business owner, the CEO, the CFO, or the COO, wouldn’t it be nice to know, as you set your IT budget for the year, those numbers will be reliable and based on the number of people who work at your company? There will no longer be the large capital expenses to replace a computer, a server, a switch, or any hardware needs. All you will need to know is how many people work at your company and need access to CompleteCloud. It is really the best of both worlds from a security and budgetary standpoint, a overall smart way to look at the future of your IT department.