IMS SecureIT Security

Managed Security

A secure IT environment is paramount for every business.  Whether you are in healthcare, finance, government, banking, education or any private business in general Protecting your internal information as well as the information of your clients is critical.  With the IMS SecureIT model, powered by CompleteCloud, your infrastructure will be inside a state-of-the-art SSAE 18 data center.   

Imagine your business as a castle.  In order to protect your castle, you would build solid walls, have one point of entry, a mote around the perimeter, a large tower overlooking the terrain and a solid army to protect it.  This is how IMS SecureIT views the information you work with daily.  

In addition to the protection of your data with firewalls, intrusion detection software, two-way authentication and 24/7/365 monitoring, the IMS SecureIT model provides optional layers of protection such as Cisco Umbrella, Alert Logic and KnowBe4. 

Cisco Umbrella is an additional layer to look for known threats and prevent them from infiltrating your network. Alert Logic allows for monitoring of the “unknowns”.  By monitoring data patterns, the Alert Logic solution can stop unwanted data disruption and block virus intrusions or malware attacks. 

KnowBe4 software allows your team to keep up to date on the latest phishing attacks.  By setting up KnowBe4, you will be training your team how to mitigate threats by gaining the knowledge of potential schemes by learning what to look for when it comes to suspicious links, downloads or scams.   

 Compliance reporting and email encryption are also optional features within the IMS SecureIT platform.