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IMS SecureIT Mobility

Have Complete Mobility with IMS SecureIT

Working from home or working remotely is not a new concept, but true mobility is much more than simply working from outside of your office.  The IMS SecureIT platform will make your business more mobile and secure at the same time.   


Most people who need secure remote access have a VPN connection to their company server. VPNs are often very “clunky” and cumbersome.  At IMS SecureIT, we don’t think using a VPN connection is the best way to work remotely.  The IMS SecureIT team has partnered with CompleteCloud, located in St. Louis, Missouri, to bring the most secure and streamlined virtualized technology in the industry.  The IMS SecureIT platform is built on virtualization technology, also known as VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) which allows you to access YOUR desktop from anywhere.  If you’re in Starbucks, McDonald’s, hotel, on a flightetc., it doesn’t matter.  If you have access to wi-fi, even using a hotspot on your phone, you can access your virtual desktop.  When you’re on the road, there is two-way authentication for security purposes.   


Using the IMS SecureIT platform is seamless and secure on any device.  All of your applications that you use every day will be there, just as if you were sitting your office desk.  If you’re an architect needing access to CAD drawings, an engineer needing access to blueprints, or a CFO working on budgets and forecasting, it doesn’t matter with IMS SecureIT.  Instead of you going to your computer, your computer comes to you.